Welcome to one of the most high-performance and innovative printing company in Bangalore. You can look forward to working with people who enthusiastically create the best results and effective customer experiences, and who are passionate about your success as well as that of your customers.

Message From Director's Desk

Courage is taking those 1st steps to your dream even if you can’t see the path ahead. The year 2021 marked the 27th year of Ramya Reprographic Private Limited.

The world is experiencing an unprecedented health crisis. During such times, it is still important for all of us to stay positive, reflect on our past and more importantly to focus on the future.

Since it’s inception, Ramya has amassed a wealth of information, expertise and industry knowledge. Reflecting on the rich history of this company, we entered into a successful strategic alliance with two global giants – Haokun Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd and HongKe Packaging Pvt. Ltd to become one of largest print and packaging house.

Our commitment to excel in print services through sustainable approach continues to underpin all our efforts and I’m proud that we made a global presence with many accreditations.

To all our employees, customers, suppliers, family members and friends, I thank you for your continued commitment to Ramya. As they say tough times don’t last forever, tough people do. I am confident that we will get past this crisis, and re-emerge stronger over time.

Wish you all the best again.

Founder and Managing Director

Our Journey So Far...


Use of latest cutting edge technologies. Promoting total employee involvement. Creating continuous confidence to our stakeholders. Continually improve our quality and environmental management systems.


Our vision is to set standards, make a lasting impression and be the printing company that customers turn to first for all their global printing and packaging requirements. We want our customers to be able to rely on our product, knowledge and printing service.


We are Creators.

Every day, we take initiative, with integrity and courage, to make our company better.

We create safe and dependable systems.

We maintain and invest in the most modern machines, policies, infrastructure necessary for a safe workplace and reliable products.

We choose speed.

We make thoughtful decisions quickly, execute them with intensity, and simplify where ever we can.

We nurture diversity and Inclusiveness.

Our differences, when embraced with humility and respect, drive smarter decisions, increased innovation, stronger performance, and a culture where everyone can be themselves

We obsess over customer needs.

We collect feedback regularly and prioritize customer needs in every business goal. We are more concerned with retaining and delighting existing customers while acquiring new ones

We help each other to thrive.

We show up as real, transparent human beings who speak from the heart, value others contributions, and invest in each others growth

Our Strength

Our skilled workforce and Sate-of-the-art work-floor.

Ramya has embraced technology and streamlined production processes with innovative solutions to achieve consistent high quality, economical printed material for our clients.

Our state-of-the-art offset printing presses are equipped with the most advanced computerized printing technology with fully automated functions. This helps our highly skilled team produce high quality print consistently with fast turnarounds.

With a range of reliable offset presses in various sheet sizes, and a team with more than 25 years industry experience, we have the capability to produce small and large run print work with confidence

Ramya uses high-quality of printing inks and other raw-materials. The quality of the products used can be determined by testing various properties, for instance, of the inks such as scuff or rub resistance, print quality, color quality etc. Ramya uses high-quality of testing machine to determine the quality of the materials used for its production. These instruments are designed by the experts as per the guidelines provided by curious standardization authorities. These instruments offer highly accurate results that help Ramya to assure the quality of the products.


Asian Print Awards - Silver
CANON Awards
Sappi Printer of the Year - Silver
CANON Professional Print Partner Awards
Asian Print Awards - Bronze
PrintWeek Awards
RICOH-AIFMP - National Awards
Printweek Awards
RICOH-NAEP - National Awards
AIFMP Young Entrepreneurs Awards
RICOH - National Awards for Excellence in Printing
Asian Print Awards - Bronze
Asian Print Awards - Gold Award
Asian Print Awards - Bronze
Asia Print Awards 2020 Gold
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