Let your product speak for itself.
First impressions are important. Well-designed custom product packaging reflects your brand
values, quality and customer care – and it can make or break a sale.

One Piece Box

Custom one-piece rigid boxes come with an attached closing flap. Also known as hinged closure boxes, these boxes are generally used as gift boxes, loyalty boxes, luxury skincare boxes, high-end watch cases, and marketing kit boxes.

Two Piece Box

A two piece box is an elegant and versatile packaging solution which has stood the test of time. Two piece gift boxes are a great solution for packaging gift cards, chocolates, coasters etc.

Collapsible Box

One piece collapsible rigid box arrives flat for convenient storage and can be quickly assembled. Designed specifically for your product size and branding, these boxes can be embellished with ribbons, foiling, embossing etc.

Hinged Box

Hinged Flip-top rigid boxes have the lid and base of the box hinged together. This construction consists of a rigid base tray in the box with a flat chipboard sheet attached to the back end of the tray. They are widely recognized as cigar boxes.

Magnetic Lock Box

These are rigid or set up boxes that use magnets to secure the closure and locking of the box. Having a magnetic box for your high-end products already gives your brand an advantage because it exudes confidence.

Slide Box

Custom slide boxes also known as a match box, slipcase box, book slipcase, drawer box, and cigar style box ar a smart box style that keeps your customers opening experience in mind, simply by sliding the box tray out of its sleeve.

Custom Shape Rigid Box

No packaging says ‘character’ more like custom box shapes. Custom shape boxes give your products the opportunity to express their personality through different shapes. We offer rigid boxes in any shape any size.

Book Style Rigid Boxes

Tell a story through your packaging with a rigid book box. Together we can create a book style box that fits your brand’s tone while maintaining a stable structural design. Imagination is endless with book style boxes..

Shoulder / Neck Rigid Boxes

Speak volumes with this sophisticated custom box solution. This style is very popular, able to withstand the jostling's of being carried around while looking untouched. It’s often friction-locked to secure the contents within.

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