Personalized stationery is about more than simple correspondence; it’s about marketing a branded image that impacts your audience. Personalized stationery isn’t limited to stuffy corporate material no one wants to look at. Personalized stationery can help set you apart from the competition, establish your brand, earn new business and even make direct sales.

Business Cards

With numerous business cards printed annually, rest assured that Ramya has the experience, footprint and processes in place to drive a cost-effective program that fits your brand


Nearly all of your proposals, sales letters and other correspondence are presented on letterhead, making your letterhead crucial to your organization’s image.


Capture a client’s attention with a variety of customized options from complimentary slips to notepads and envelopes to gifts that show your brand in the best light.


Corporate cocktail party invitation, business anniversary invitations or other corporate or personal invitations, we offer custom invitation and card designs for every occasion.


Brochures are a classic marketing weapon for a reason. They are ideal for presenting a larger amount of information in a compact format and allow customers to quickly get a feel for products or services.


Offer your customers deals and advertise new products or services with some handy leaflets or flyers. Hand them out at industry events or display them in relevant public areas.

Presentation Folders

Presentation folders are perfect for presenting documents in a professional and organized way. Use them in one-on-one meetings or with large groups to ensure consistent branding..

Identity Cards & Lanyards

Boost your brand recognition and awareness with customised identity cards with branded holographic overlays or magnetic stripe and branded lanyards.


Initiate continual interaction with customers by providing them with a visually pleasing product images, advertisements or other helpful information that can be used on a regular basis.